The program for athletes assists underfunded youth sports leagues and the families of cancer or ALS patients. It donates new and fairly used equipment for sports to organizations that struggle to acquire them.

The charity also assists families with financial issues due to cancer or ALS treatment of their loved ones. With the funds, the families pay their medical bills and other related treatment expenses.

The program accepts any of the following:

  • Funds
  • Donated equipment
  • Volunteers
  • Corporate sponsorship

The non-profit hosts a baseball game dubbed Midnight Madness charity in Sugarland, Texas from noon to midnight. Participants in this program raise funds for donation to particular individuals with financial problems due to illnesses.

2. Challenged Athletes

The charity program targets athletes without access to adaptive sports due to physical challenges. It provides various programs customized to the needs of different communities that support the cause.

Access for Athletes is a program under this charity responsible for offering sports equipment such as mono skis and hand cycles. It ensures that recreational and competitive physically challenged athletes can afford special equipment to take part in an activity of choice.

Operation Rebound is another program that provides wounded service women and men with athletic opportunities.

Catch a Rising Star mentors and offers post-rehabilitation for athletes who’ve experienced traumatic injuries.

Reach High, on the other hand, is a resource service for information. It assists physically challenged athletes to make informed decisions regarding their health and medical needs.

You can volunteer your time or organize a fundraiser for this charity. It also accepts corporate sponsorships and donations.

Sarah Reinertsen, a CAF athlete, collaborated with Nike to create a shoe for athletes suffering from prosthetic limbs.

Many amputee athletes develop DIY soles for their prosthetic running blades. Sarah collaborated with Ossur, a prosthetics maker, and Nike to create Nike Sole. This is a composite outsole made from lightweight materials for use with Nike’s Flex-Run Foot.

  3. Adaptive Sports Access for Wounded Warriorses

The charity focuses on wounded women and men in service who engage in adaptive sports. It also helps athletes with intellectual or physical challenges. Adaptive Sports Access offers transportation (to and fro) to athletes going for adaptive sporting practices or events.

The non-profit accepts vehicle donations and funds to aid its efforts to offer transport to athletes. The philanthropic organization hosts Warrior Games in Colorado Springs every year.

The program is a joint effort aimed at introducing adaptive sports for wounded veterans’ treatment and recovery. Friendly competition is integrated with healing for the athletes.

  4. Best for All

The program for athletes targets children in small African villages without access to sports. It encourages Peace Corp volunteers in African communities to begin sports teams for African children, more so girls.

The charity for athletes offers children a chance to become active, and encourages them to hone leadership skills. You can donate to the charity in any of the following ways:

  • Through eBay
  • Organize an equipment drive or fundraiser
  • Sponsor an athletics team.

Brad Kramer, a volunteer at Peace Corp, bought a $2 ball for a group of boys who loved to play with a ball made from grass and plastic bags after finishing their daily chores. This is how the charity was incepted.

The boys were able to use their new ball for a couple of years.

5. The Fresh Air Fund

This charity targets children in New York City with families undergoing a financial crisis. The NYC children get to experience a summer vacation with volunteer host camps or families. They get a chance to travel outside the inner city to explore the outdoors and engage in outdoor activities.

You can volunteer, donate to the cause or become a host family to take part in this charity for athletes.

Founded in 1877 when the congregation of Reverend Willard Parsons of Sherman, PA, hosted children and families from NYC, it acted as a rehab and vacation. The children suffered from tuberculosis due to overcrowding.

And, fresh air was the best cure for their condition. This explains how the charity began. Today, the charity helps families and children with the need to stay active outdoors but are unable for one reason or the other.


The different programs for athletes and charities help athletes with financial, physical or intellectual challenges to meet their needs.