5 Great Careers in Sport

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5 Great Careers in Sport

Everybody has grand dreams about what they want to achieve in life. For example, you may dream of winning in professional sports. The dream of being cheered on by the crowd can be exhilarating.


As a result, few people ever think of turning this into something professional, but pursuing a professional sports career has many advantages, including better wages. For instance, Roger Federer earned more than $106 million in 2020. So, which careers can you pursue in sports?


1. Conditions Strength Coach

Athletes and non-athletes need to keep fit. The people who make this happen are conditioning and strength coaches. These are not your typical gym instructors. The coaches develop a comprehensive physical performance and fitness program. The program helps people to become more stable, agile, and quicker. It can also prevent injuries and burnouts.


This can be your dream job if you’re prepared to undertake the training. However, you may need to join elite training centers before becoming a certified strength and conditioning coach. You will generally become a professional coach once you attain the right certification, education, and experience. Some professionals have a bachelor of exercise and sport science degree

2. Physical Education Teacher

Physical education teacher is perhaps one of the professional sports careers with outstanding job opportunities. You don’t even need to take it as a standalone career. Many physical education teachers have teaching degrees aside from coaching certifications. This means that they can teach students a subject not related to physical education. You can become a graduate salary teacher with good job security and great working conditions.


3. Exercise Physiologist

Exercise physiologists have accreditation to offer medical fitness services. As a result, they can help patients with certain medical conditions. For example, they can explain how a pellet smoker from a company like Camp Chef will benefit your health.


If you think this is for you, there are several things you need to be aware of. First, you must have a comprehensive understanding of the endocrine systems, cardiovascular organs, and musculoskeletal system.

4. A Sports Development Officer

Sports development officers are responsible for enhancing fitness activities among special groups and the youth. The sport is immensely rewarding since you will help children and teenagers to get into sports. Your main role will be to encourage them on how they can become professional athletes.


It is better if you enjoy traveling because the job will take you to many places. Similarly, you may have to work during odd hours, sometimes beyond midnight. There are no specific academic qualifications, but a bachelor’s degree in any sports related discipline may come in handy.

5. Exercise and Sports Psychologist

Bottom Line

Sports careers are often underrated, but they can provide stable incomes. You can start by evaluating the carriers listed above. Then, you can choose the one that fits your abilities and preferences.

Better sports performance has its roots in the right state of mind. Therefore, developing optimum mental resilience is a key component of better performance. Many sports organizations have resorted to hiring exercise psychologists. Those who have taken the step have reported a sudden increase in motivation and sports performance.


Your job as an exercise psychologist will encompass many things. Typically, you will teach professional athletes several skills, such as mental resilience, increased confidence, overcoming depression, and improving performance. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you will only be dealing with professional athletes. Even young children will be part of your clientele. If you are lucky, you may find a job at a clinic. The clinic may hire you to work with mental health patients.